post-apocalyptic / Road Warrior challenge

It’s been a while sinds my last post…. very busy with family, my job at homecare and a lot of others things that has nothing to do with blogs, Facebook or Twitter. Very relaxing in a way… 😉

The positive thing that has happened (in my social media break), my creativity is going upward!
Thanks to the inspiration I get when I participate a jewelry design challenge of the SRAJD (Self Reprecenting Artists in Jewelry Design).
The challenges are a way to get you out of your comfort zone and make something totally different with technics you not often use.

Theme of the challenge this week: Post-apocalyptic / Road Warrior challenge ( Mad Max movies).
When I was working all my creations turned out to be Gothic style, but it had to be tougher and with a more industrial look. In the post-apocalyptic style they mostly use bones, feathers, bullets, spikes and other stuff I definitely don’t like. I came up with a good alternative: big rings and chains.
So this will be my final submission: a kind of steampunk style large bracelet, made of suede, big rough rings and brass chains.

It was really fun to make these items and got a lot of inspiration out of it!

steampunk style bracelet by Caro

This is one of my first attempts, a eccentric Gothic style choker.
Gothic choker Gothic choker


Jewelry design challenge….


The theme of the design challenge: “Recycling”.
My passion is to create new wearable jewelry from vintage jewelry and materials. So this challenge is really my cup of tea! 🙂
My first attempt: Leather bracelets with elements of vintage belts. Even the bronze ornament originates from a belt!
At the right bracelet I edited the leather and combined it with a new ornament.
This will not be my submission, because the techniques are too simple.
But I am working on 2 other projects, including one with semi precious gemstone beads from a 60 year old necklace! I will show you the results soon… 😉

vintage bracelets

Leather bracelets made of vintage belts


Leather wrap bracelet

A few months ago I was working on this bracelet. I put it aside, because it just did not work out the way I wanted.
Yesterday I went for it again, hoping for the best…..
Well, in no time I found the beads I needed and 3 hours later I completed the bracelet!
Total time of work: approximately 7 hours.

I made this bracelet with a beautiful angel wing as a eyecatcher. Other materials: Designer Quality leather lace, antique gold beads and Czech glassbeads. The bracelet is 1 meter in length!
In my opinion colors must match…otherwise I’m not satisfied. So you can say, I’m a ton sur ton girl. 😉
Very very happy with the result!! I’m already working on the next one…..

Wrap bracelet Caro

Wrap bracelet Caro

Celtic jewelry

A while ago I had a conversation with a customer about what kind of jewelry I wear the most. Well……that will be Celtic jewelry!

As a young adult I went with my family on holiday in Scotland, The Highlands.
The beauty of the rough nature, the mountains, lochs and the mystic……It felt like I was coming home…

Near loch Lomond

Near loch Lomond

On the beautiful isle of Skye I bought my first Celtic jewelry, a Silver Celtic necklace (see picture), which I still wear almost all the time.
The  following years I read a lot of the history and went back to Scotland to explore more of the country. I fell totally in love….
On my bike, packed with a little tent, some necessary equipment and that’s it. These were the best holidays of my life!

Everytime I went back I bought some Celtic jewelry or beads as a reminder.
The bracelets I made myself, the beads I found at a little store in Oban.

My Celtic jewerly

My Celtic jewelry

One of the most famous spots on the road from Glencoe to Oban.

One of the most famous spots on the road from Glencoe to Oban.

Jewelry box treasures

I suppose everyone keeps special treasures in their jewelry box, not just all the jewelry you have….
Just jewelry from your loved ones, souvenirs, or a item that has written your name all over it……

In my jewelry box there are no golden or diamond items, I’m not that kind of girl.
Nothing expensive for me because I’m to afraid to lose it!

My treasures are very diverse, ranging from vintage to Celtic and beyond!
As an example, I made some pieces of jewelry I really can’t sell!!
These are a part of the jewelry I made and want to keep, because they have a special meaning to me…

Rustic bracelet with Czech beads, I just love Czech beads!

Rustic bracelet with Czech beads, I just love Czech beads!

Private collection

One of my first Tree of Life pendants


Greek inspired

Inspired after a holiday in Greece

Necklace Indian Summer, inspired by a music festival near our home.

Necklace Indian Summer,
inspired by a music festival near our home.

My personal favorite, owls....this pendant I made from a brooch.

My personal favorite, owls….this pendant I made from a brooch.